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BRANDON DeSHAW, PE is the founder and lab director for Global Energy Laboratories.

A former US Navy submarine officer, Brandon has been involved in the energy industry nearly his entire career.  He operates the business in beautiful Butte, Montana from the prestigious campus at 200 Technology Way.

Global Energy Labs first started working with clients searching for new sources of frac sand.  In some cases, the sand they find many not meet the frac sand specifications.  So we can also perform a gradation for other industrial uses of the sand or see if it meets the water well packing sand specifications.

In addition to helping you test for frac sand, drilling grade barite, and drilling grade bentonite, we can provide a variety of other testing services, including x-ray powder diffraction (XRD) testing, ICP analysis, acid solubility, heavy metals testing, and much more (just ask).

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It doesn’t matter where you are located, as long as you can pack up your sample and get it shipped to us, we can take it from there.  We offer flexible payment methods, such as credit card, bank wire or transfer, bitcoin (yes, bitcoin payments can be accepted!) or checks, if you arrange it first with us.

If you have multiple samples to test or need an estimate for an entire testing program, you will find our high volume testing discount to help reduce your overall testing cost.

Contact us for an estimate to see if we might be a good laboratory to work with!

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