Battery Metals and Minerals Course

The battery boom is here!  There are a billion lithium ion batteries out there!  And the number keeps going up!  And this means that minerals and metals are in high demand in order to make these batteries.  There are opportunities to be found all over the place.

We a the lab here decided to put together a quick course on how you might find profits in finding battery metals and minerals.

I called up my colleague Stuart Burgess, because he is an expert in the area.  He can be found globe trotting, looking for all kinds of metals and minerals.  And he is fresh from the field, with some great information on battery metals and minerals.

In our phone call, we discussed all sorts of interest things, like:

  • What to look for, and where to look for it, when researching flake graphite deposits
  • What battery manufacturers are looking for when it comes to evaluating your flake graphite
  • Where in Idaho cobalt exploration is going on right now
  • How to find “forgotten” deposits of cobalt
  • How to investigate regular old tailings piles, in order to find out if they hold promising battery metals and minerals
  • Why lithium exploration is so hot right now
  • Where lithium exploration is going on right now
  • The location of the valley in Nevada that is “blossoming” right now with lithium exploration
  • How to evaluate aquifers for their potential to produce battery quality lithium brine
  • What the good range is for lithium concentration, in order to be a potential source of battery lithium
  • What “telltale” boring mineral might lead you to find battery lithium
  • A great, FREE, resource for finding mining maps

So, we put together a course, which includes:

  • Full mp3 audio of the phone call with Stuart Burgess, where he discusses all the opportunities out there to find battery metals and minerals
  • PDF transcript of the phone call
  • Quick Start Guide to testing battery metals and minerals

Free bonuses:

  • In depth reports on the supply and demand in 2017 for lithium, graphite, and cobalt

The course is currently priced at $30. Buy it safely and securely through PayPal by clicking on the link below:



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