Clay Evaluation Testing Package

Picture courtesy of Siim Sepp. (
Picture courtesy of Siim Sepp. (

There are many types of clay that can be mined and sold.  Part of the problem with clay exploration is that it’s difficult to tell what kind of clay is in a deposit, and how concentrated the clay types are.

Our Clay Evaluation Testing Package performs several tests to determine what types of clay are in your sample.  The Package includes the following services:

  1. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) testing — this test pulverizes the clay into a fine power and bounces x-rays off.  Then the x-rays are measured, and they will show different reflection angles for various types of clay
  2. Cation Exchange Capability (CEC) testing — this test determines the ability for your clay to adsorb positive cations.  This test will help determine what possible uses your clay might have in the market
  3. Whole rock major oxide analysis — this test uses x-ray flourescence (XRF) equipment to determine what major oxides (ie SiO2, AlO3) might be present in your clay.  This, couples with a loss on ignition test (around 900 degrees Celsius) can help determine what types of clay you have
  4. Rehydration Testing — different types of clays adsorb moisture at various rates over time.  This test takes several days to complete, but is a good analysis for how much moisture your clay sample can take over time.  The results can also be compared with other types of clays to find where your clay fits in
  5. Clay Market Matrix — your clay sample’s test results can then be shown alongside industry requirements for various types of clay in the market

This Clay Evaluation Testing Package is $950 complete.  If the clay is not in a powder form, or easily friable, we will have to add an additional $150 for processing.

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