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Garry Bolinder, Bolinder Resources

Global Energy Laboratories offers a great service to companies who need help testing their products. I needed some answers regarding our rock to investigate the option of using our product for frac sand. We have a very pure, (over a billion tons) hard silica product with hopes we could produce frac sand for the drilling industry. We wanted reasonably quick results and a price that wasn’t so expensive that it didn’t make sense to investigate it. I found Brandon’s company online. With a couple of phone calls his good natured intelligent calm manner gave me the confidence to move forward with his company to explore our future in the frac sand world. Brandon dealt with us honestly, he could have led us along and charged us more money that he did but he determined our product would have better uses in other areas and saved us from throwing away more money on testing than we needed to.  I personally would give Brandon top marks for his professional, honest practices and would refer customers to him with confidence that they would be taken care of.  I have never met Brandon in person but hope to someday.

Garry Bolinder
Bolinder Resources

Geologist Alan Bressler


Thanks for your help in testing my rock sample.  I had questions and you had answers, straight up and forward.
I paid not just for test results but for your experience and knowledge of frac sands.

You helped me put things in context.

The money paid was well worth the results.

Thank you
Alan Bressler
Billings, Montana

South Dakota client

1.)    Were we professional and courteous?

Global Energy Labs were very good to work with they took time to explain the tests that would be done and the reason for them.

2.)    Did we provide fast test results to you?

The test results were provided in a timely manner, what I liked the most is that he gave us a timeline to expect the tests but they were completed quicker. He did not overpromise when they would be completed.

3.)    was our testing service affordable?

Testing was affordable and they gave us a few options to choose from and didn’t up sell us with tests we didn’t need.

— Satisfied customer in South Dakota

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