GigaFactory Episode of Energy Metals and Minerals Podcast

podcast-logoI just published the first episode of the Energy, Metals, and Minerals Podcast, and boy is it a great episode!

I interview Simon Moores of Benchmark Minerals, a world renowned expert in the areas of battery minerals like graphite, lithium and cobalt.  Simon gives his expert insight on Tesla Motors, the GigaFactory, the unique specialty minerals and metals graphite and lithium.  Simon and I riff on this and much more during the interview:

  • Why graphite and lithium are not really “commodities,” but what they really are
  • The “thorn in Elon Musk’s side” when it comes to graphite processing and what kind of graphite the GigaFactory will require

Download the mp3 of the GigaFactory episode…

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

Simon Moore’s business, Benchmark Minerals


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