“Holiday Inn Express” Style Testing

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Have you ever seen those Holiday Inn Express commercials where just an average guy is doing complex things, like surgery?

Once people catch on that this might not be an expert, they ask him, “Are you a surgeon?”

And the guy answers, “No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

The point is that after such a refreshing rest in your room at the Holiday Inn Express, you might be ready to take on just about any task in the world!

Here at Global Energy Labs, we feel like we are ready to take on any type of testing problem that you might have! Routinely, we are asked to go above and beyond, and provide combinations of testing and testing procedure creation to help best serve our clients.

You could call it “testing consulting.” But instead of just consulting on how to do your testing, we can take it to the next step, and take care of all the testing and reporting for you.

Here are some examples:

(1) Client needs a special type of coating developed, and then sprayed on the surface of a motor housing, and then have the housing tested under varying environmental conditions, such as a salt spray. We can do all of this for them, from making the coating to test report!

(2) Client needs a new type composite created with exacting specifications. Then, the composite must undergo full mechanical testing and characterization. This means the creation of perfect specimens for tensile testing. After that, the composite should be fabricated into a plate, and have a gun fired at it to see how it performs. We can do all of this!

(3) Client needs us to take a load of mineral ore, and then process the ore. They want us to do processing — and document it! — to concentrate the valuable mineral. Conduct SEM testing on the ore to determine what is in it. Also, ship a sample of the concentrate to another lab for their analysis. We can do all of that!

If you find yourself in need of a laboratory to manufacture, characterize, and fully test your materials or products, you don’t need to head to the nearest Holiday Inn Express!

Just contact us:  http://www.globalenergylaboratories.com/contact/

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