Lost Children of Coney Island

Generations of New Yorkers have had fun at Coney Island, where they can escape the city life for a day and relax.

There was recently a great article (with fantastic pictures) on the Daily Mail website, about “vintage” Coney Island in the 1940s.  There were lots of neat things at Coney Island back then that have changed with the times!

* “Freak shows” where you pay to see someone with a physical deformity (probably not allowed often today!)

* Coney dogs from Nathan’s hot dogs were 84 cents back then in the 1940s!

* Very intricate and high flying amusement rides, which have more safety features today!

One picture that caught my eye was a policeman holding a crying young child.  Because of the large crowds, kids were frequently lost.  So, the lost children were taken to a lifeguard stand, where the lifeguard just kept blowing his whistle until the parents came!

Imagine that happening to the helicopter parents of today!

That whistling was something was an attention getting way of getting important information out there.  And testing is a way of getting at the important information.

We are able to fabricate new materials from composites (and nano materials) to meet your specifications.  We can also test composites, steel alloys, and really any type of material through our materials characterization lab.

Figure 1 – Material Science Paradigm
Photo Credit: www.scielo.org.za

We have several lab services to offer for materials, which include all the important mechanical tests:

* Tensile testing – we have hydraulic tensile grips that can apply 10,000 psi on the sample and load at full scale 55,000 pounds.  We have a variety of mechanical tensile grips for smaller and fragile specimens

* Compression testing – we can test a variety of materials in our compression testing device, including metallic plugs and complex composite materials

* Shear testing – we can shear test composite materials with a v-notched beam fixture (per ASTM D5379) and short beam shear (ASTM D2344)

* Flexure testing – we can do 3 and 4 point flexure testing (per ASTM D7264).  We can create custom fixtures to accommodate larger scale pieces and samples

* Microscopic inspection – we have a Hyrox 3D digital microscope, to perform visual inspections of metallic and composite test specimens

* Scanning electron microscope – we can use different SEMs to perform both preliminary scans of materials, and in depth studies, such as during failure analysis

* Failure analysis – we can provide world class expertise and equipment to determine what happened, and through proper failure analysis methods, ensure that it doesn’t happen again

* Specimen fabrication – just send us your base material, and we can machine specimens for testing

* Environmental conditioning – we have several environmental conditioning chambers that we can use for a wide variety of specimens and conditions

So — if you need new composites created, if you need mechanical and materials characterization performed, if you require a thorough failure analysis, please contact us here!

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