Obscure and Interesting Water Testing

Photo Credit: https://www.wqpmag.com

We feel honored that our clients often call us to do rather unusual testing.  One of the latest inquiries involved finding out if a mineral of interest was present in water samples.

The way to do that testing is to run the water sample through a micro filter, then perform XRD testing on the micro filter, to see if that mineral of interest is there.

There might be pollution control reasons to do such testing, and we can certainly help detect even trace amounts of metals and minerals that might be in water.

There might also be an economic reason to test the water for metals and minerals, as extraction of it might be economically feasible.  For instance, it might be worthwhile to extract precious metals from water inside a mine.  Or at least evaluate the water for that possibility.

We can do the testing for that, as well.

We can also link you up (once we get the results) with an outstanding metallurgist who can help you decide WHETHER that concentration is feasible, and also HOW to get the metals out of the water.

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