Other Services

Engineering Consulting

Global Energy Labs can provide these engineering consulting services (and much more, just ask):

  • Electric power design
  • Protection and automation design
  • Root cause analysis
  • Arc flash analysis and prevention
  • Lockout tagout procedures
  • Battery system Design

Marketing Analysis 

Market analysis is a look at “what you have” and how it can possibly be sold into a variety of markets.

For instance, you may have analytical test results on an ore that was performed at a lab. You are wondering if it contains anything of value.

We can perform a market analysis for you, by using your test results and comparing them against what the market wants.

This analysis can be done with either test results performed by Global Energy Labs, or another lab.

            Current price for a market analysis: $495

This analysis includes a review of your test results for one sample, comparison of the market conditions today, and a summary report in PDF form e-mailed to you.

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