Barite Testing
Global Energy Laboratories conducts testing on drilling grade barite in accordance with American Petroleum Institute standard 13A.

Barite is used a weighting agent in hydraulic fracturing due to barite’s high specific gravity.

The current API specifications for drilling grade barite are:

  • Density: 4.20 g/cubic cm, minimum
  • Water soluble alkaline earth metals as calcium: 250 mg/kg, maximum
  • Residue greater than 75 microns: 3.0 % by weight, maximum
  • Particles less than 6 microns in diameter: 30 % by weight, maximum

As with all the testing done at Global Energy Laboratories, the barite testing is done to exacting API specifications, with a high speed, and at an affordable cost.

Current cost for all the tests listed above, complete API 13A testing for drilling grade barite is $950.

Bentonite Testing
Drilling Grade Bentonite Testing in accordance with API 13A – $750

Includes the following tests:

  • Suspension properties (viscometer dial reading at 600 r/min, yield point/plastic viscosity ratio, and filtrate volume)
  • Particle sizing (residue of diameter greater than 75 microns)

Graphite Testing
Spherical graphite is used during the manufacturer of lithium ion batteries. Only the highest grades of graphite, in this case flake graphite, can be used to create spherical graphite and then used in the manufacturing of lithium ion batteries.

Source: Author: Kristoferb
Lithium Ion battery for a Nokia phone. Photo source:
Author: Kristoferb

These batteries are used in cell phones, electric vehicles, to power tools, and are growing in use. This means that the resources to build batteries will grow in demand over time.

Global Energy Laboratories is prepared to work with you to find and prove up the next resources of flake graphite, lithium, and cobalt for use in lithium ion batteries.

Flake graphite testing uses specialized processing and testing procedures developed by us for the battery use of graphite.

During the flake graphite testing process, we will concentrate the graphite in the ore, determine the size of the graphite flakes, as well as the percent carbon at each size “segment” of graphite ore.

Cost of flake graphite testing using Global Energy Labs specialized procedures: $950 per sample

Lithium ion battery metals testing:

Global Energy Labs can also test your ore for its lithium and cobalt content, the other metals that are heavily used in battery manufacturing.

Cost of Lithium content testing using ICP analysis: $400 per sample

Cost of Cobalt content testing ICP analysis: $400 per sample

Learn more with this great graphite and battery reference:

Interview with graphite, battery, and Tesla expert Simon Moores of Benchmark Minerals

ICP Testing
Global Energy Laboratories is proud to offer ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer) testing services.

ICP-MS testing heats the substance past the gas phase to reveal the trace metal and non-metal ions in a sample down to the part per trillion (ppt) level. This service is provided for $395.00. To schedule testing, please visit our contact page.

Rare Earth Metals Testing
Global Energy Labs can conduct an ICP analysis on your sample, which can indicate the concentration of rare earth metals in it.

Then, if the concentration is high enough to be of interest, XRD analysis can be conducted to further investigate the types of ore the rare earth metals are contained in.

XRD Testing
Added to the wide variety of services offered by Global Energy Laboratories is XRD (x-ray diffraction) testing.

XRD sends x-rays through a sample and is diffracted by the molecular structure. This is then pickup up on a plate which can then be used to identify the types of compounds within a sample. This service is offered for $500.00. To schedule testing, please visit our contact page.

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