Sand Evaluation Testing Package

Don’t give up on your sand if it doesn’t meet frac sand specs — you may be able to get your sand into multiple roles, or markets, depending on its qualities!

Each of the markets for sand has different — in some cases overlapping — requirements.  There are lots of prospective markets for your sand:

  • Frac sand
  • Water well packing sand
  • Metallurgical sand
  • Electronics sand
  • Glass making sand
  • Refractory sand

So to help you decide where to go with your sand, we developed a Sand Evaluation Testing Package, where you get the following tests done on your sand:

  • Wash and dry (we calculate the percent lost during the wet sieve wash)
  • Sieve analysis (and from there we select a size for further testing)
  • Whole rock analysis, which tells you the the major oxides, of which silica (SiO2) is of high importance (we do this on the entire washed composite)
  • Sphericity and roundness (on the selected size)
  • Bulk density (on the selected size)
  • Crush testing (on the selected size)

With these test results in hand, we can give you a good idea of what roles your sand might be able to fit into.  We use our proprietary “Sand Market Matrix” as part of the report, and show you where your sand might “fit” into the market.

Sand Evaluation Testing Package Price = $950

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