The Battery Cobalt Crunch

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I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today regarding the metal cobalt.  Now we’ve known for some time that a cobalt crunch could come, because of the enormous demand from cobalt’s use in lithium ion batteries.

Keep in mind that there are over a billion lithium ion batteries in use today due to cell phones, electric vehicles, and household items like toys and tools.  

The cobalt supply chain is complicated (of course) due to multiple reasons, for instance some non-battery users of cobalt might shift to other metals in order to get the same result.  And China can restrict its exports of cobalt, depending on its internal economic-political atmosphere.

But, given the exploration going on, such as the Canadian Cobalt 27 mining company, it’s a metal worth keeping your eye on!

The other battery metals and minerals fascinating as well.  And, the rising demand for all things batteries has created demand on all 3 of these battery metals and minerals: cobalt, graphite, and lithium.

We recently created a Battery Metals and Minerals Course to help you find, evaluate, and develop your own mines and claims of these important resources.

When I created the course, I called up the “Indiana Jones” of minerals and metals exploration, Stuart Burgess.  He was fresh from the field, and has been doing a LOT of work in these battery metals and minerals areas.  We talked about these topics during the phone call:

> What to look for, and where to look for it, when researching flake graphite deposits

> What battery manufacturers are looking for when it comes to evaluating your flake graphite

> Where in Idaho cobalt exploration is going on right now

> How to find “forgotten” deposits of cobalt

> How to investigate regular old tailings piles, in order to find out if they hold promising battery metals and minerals

> Why lithium exploration is so hot right now

> Where lithium exploration is going on right now

> The location of the valley in Nevada that is “blossoming” right now with lithium exploration

> How to evaluate aquifers for their potential to produce battery quality lithium brine

> What the good range is for lithium concentration, in order to be a potential source of battery lithium

> What “telltale” boring mineral might lead you to find battery lithium

> A great, FREE, resource for finding mining maps

Lucky for you, I recorded the call, and even made a transcription of it.  It is available in the Battery Metals and Minerals Course, found here:

Battery Metals and Minerals Course from Global Energy Labs

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