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The young man and the boardroom table

The young man enters the boardroom.

There is a long oak table, surrounded by elegant leather chairs that are upholstered in a dark brown Italian leather.

He selects one of the chairs and sits in it.

He is alone, for now.

The boardroom is carpeted in a dense, royal blue carpet.

The walls of the boardroom are lined with dark wood. The ceiling also is built of dark wood, but has hundreds of miniature, bright lights that illuminate the room with a warm, intelligent glow.

He reaches his hand out and gives the table a bit of a push. The boardroom table is very solid, and as he looks underneath it, he sees wooden pegs used for construction instead of chintzy fasteners, and he realizes that this table was likely handmade by an experienced craftsman.

The young man smiles briefly.

He realizes that though he feels lucky to be here in the boardroom, that he also deserves to be here.

He has earned it. Through his intelligence and initiative and good deeds, he certainly deserves a spot here at the table.

Suddenly someone briskly walks into the boardroom.

“Hello Old Sport! I’ve been looking forward to meeting you!”

The “someone” is a handsome businessman, dressed in a nice gray Italian suit. He is smiling and shakes the young man’s hand with authority.

The businessman tells the young man, “Please take a seat. I’m going to get right into it. Here’s how I am making my fortune and how you can, too!”

The businessman goes on for some time, explaining the details of how he runs his business.

The mistakes he has made.

The glorious successes.

The businessman is excited and passionate about his business.

The young man takes it all in with excitement and eagerness, as he is anxious to make his fortune too.

When the meeting concludes, the businessman shakes the young man’s hand, “Best of luck to you! You have made a great decision to come here today!”

Both men leave and go on their way.

The next month, the young man is back at the boardroom again.

The situation plays much like the first time the young man was here, except this time the businessman is different. His enthusiasm is the same, but the story is about a different fortune made a different way in a related industry.

Once again, the young man eagerly listens and soaks it all in, anxious to make his fortune as well.

Month after month, the young man comes back to the boardroom, and a different businessman does a one-on-one presentation for the young man on how to make a fortune.

Each businessman presents a different story, but the industry is the same.

Some time passes, and the young man is not quite as young, but still motivated and energetic about making a fortune.

From the knowledge he gained in those boardroom sessions — and his own initiative and intelligence — he indeed does very well for himself and his family.

Then one day, the once-young man walks into the boardroom again.

He reaches across the table, shakes a young woman’s hand and says, “Hello! I’ve been looking forward to meeting you!”

And he sits down and tells the story of how he made his fortune.

Time turned the table for the young man.

The student made his fortune, and became a businessman that many gather to listen to.

He invested his time and money into listening to how others made their fortune.
Then, he applied his knowledge using his time and energy, and turned that knowledge into a fortune of his own.

I’m planning on giving you the same chance.

Each month, I will feature an interview with someone that is making their fortune in the frac sand industry.

The interview will be featured in each edition of the Frac Sand Fortunes monthly newsletter.

The interviews will entertain, inform, and enlighten whoever reads them.

But Frac Sand Fortunes won’t be cheap, and certainly won’t be for everyone.

It costs $97 per month, and there are no refunds on issues that you have already received. You can cancel at anytime, of course.

The first issue goes to print on February 5th, 2014. “Early Bird” subscribers that subscribe on or before February 5th get a special, personal gift from yours truly.

Do you have the courage to sit at that boardroom table month after month and figure out how to make your frac sand fortune?

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